LEAD Academy Board Members Officially Terminate Dr. Nicole Ivey as Principal

Just weeks after opening Montgomery’s first charter school, Dr. Nicole Ivey is no longer the principal at LEAD Academy.

“She was given the opportunity to resign,” said board member Ryan Cantrell.

Board members say Dr. Ivey was terminated for a number of issues. Ivey says board chair Charlotte Meadows asked her to resign after she spoke with State Department of Education officials. Board member Ryan Cantrell says the board’s decision was initially supposed to be internal.

“Her actions over the last few days have made that impossible and tonight we had to take our own action and terminate that relationship,” said Cantrell.

LEAD officials are disputing Ivey’s claims about the school not being in compliance with state laws.

“We are in full compliance with state and federal laws and any compliance issues that she had risen over the course of the last few months, she never brought to our attention,” said Cantrell.

An Alabama Education Association attorney says otherwise.

“We can’t support situations where we believe there has been irregularities or failures to follow the laws that protect student health and safety,” said AEA Attorney Sherri Mazur.

AEA officials say they are seeking justice for Dr. Ivey.

“We expect lots of information will come out over the next couple of weeks,” said Mazur.

Meanwhile LEAD Academy board members are focused on moving forward.

“We may make mistakes but the great thing about it a charter school is we can correct those mistakes and so we’re going to always take action as quickly as possible to make sure the address any type of situation,” said Cantrell.

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