Burnsville Community Taking Donations for Volunteer Fire Chief

Source: Alabama News Network

The Burnsville community is coming together to try and help their volunteer Fire Chief  after he has helped so many over the years.

Exactly one week ago today, Steve Brewer’s house caught fire, damaging most of his belongings.

“The inside is gutted. It is completely gutted. The outer walls are standing. It’s partially collapsed on the roof,” Brewer said.

The fire began just after 11 p.m. on Sept. 26. Brewer was about to call it a night and go to bed when a back bedroom in his home caught fire. A plug is believed to be the cause of the blaze.

“It’s a very old farmhouse. A lot of pine wood. So once it starts rolling, there’s not a lot you can do with it,” Brewer said.

Thick with smoke, Brewer made it out through a glass window to helplessly watch the home he had raised a family in, become engulfed with flames.

“I was able to bust the glass to get out and kinda take a breather and I knew my guys were en route,” Brewer said.

“I heard him report the fire on the radio so I got up and started out of the house. By the time 911 reported it I was probably halfway to the firehouse,” Assistant Fire Chief, Jackie Deloach said.

Deloach who has been in and out of the firefighting business for 52 years was on scene with water on the home in less than eight minutes.

“I mean I was crying. I was like ‘Oh my goodness!’ The house was blazing. He had animals inside,” Jennifer Ortiz, a volunteer firefighter said.

Unfortunately, not all the animals could be saved however, Brewer is thankful for the help of several local fire crews.

“There were so many people there helping. Like he said, there was Summerfield, we had Valley Grande. We had all kinds of people out here,” said Ortiz.

Now the community is taking it a step further and asking for donations to help Brewer get back on his feet.

“He lost basically everything. Smoke damage, it ruins everything. And the water damage on top of that. So, I put that up and I said any donations will help,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz is also an assistant manger at the Dollar General in Burnsville. She set up a jar for donations at the front counter. Another volunteer firefighter has set up a Gofundme page online.

“Everybody here will give you the shirt off their back and that’s what I like,” said Ortiz.

If you would like to donate through the Gofundme account CLICK HERE. 
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