Pumpkins Still Thriving at Dream Field Farms Despite Drought Conditions

Source: Alabama News Network

With blistering heat and little to no rainfall, drought conditions are getting worse in the state.

Some farmers are noticing an impact on their crops but what does this mean for local pumpkin patches? Alabama News Network visited the popular Dream Field Farms and Pumpkin Patch in Bullock County to see this year’s crop.
“The pumpkins are awesome,” farmer and owner of Dream Field Farms, Cathy Ellis said.
Pumpkins actually like dry weather and heat. They need water to survive but to much can be harmful and to much humidity can cause fungus to grow.
“The trick is, it’s not been as humid. It’s been hot but not as humid so we haven’t had many fungus problems,” said Ellis.
In other parts of the state where the drought is sever to extreme, some pumpkins are rotting or shriveling up. However, this is not yet the case in Bullock County where the drought is abnormal to moderate.
“We definitely had a problem with our corn maze. So, our corn maze instead of being 10 foot tall is about 5 foot tall but we have a little mini maze going to that will still be fun,” said Ellis.
With plenty of pumpkins to pick, farmers are still expecting large crowds in the coming days and preparing to beat the heat.
“We are actually running cooling stations. For the weekend, we will have a water slide and a big bubble machine. We’re trying to keep everybody nice and cool,” said Ellis.
There are plenty of activities for the whole family and a ropes course for returning visitors.

“We just started it over the summer and we will be finishing it and having it certified at the end of the month,” explained Ellis.

You might also see a new face in the barn.

“We have a new baby donkey. He is solid black and now we are going to have to name him so everybody go out to Instagram and Facebook and watch for our new ‘name the donkey contest,'” Ellis said.
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