Montgomery Mayoral Candidates Preparing for Big Day

We are now just hours away from run-off election day in Montgomery. On Tuesday, residents will head to the polls and vote for the city’s next mayor, as well as three city council seats.

We spoke with the candidates for mayor Sunday afternoon about their thoughts with only two days left to go.

“We feel excited about the support that we have in the community and a lot of the response that we’ve gotten,” candidate Steven Reed said.

“The next couple of days, we’ll be out meeting as many people as possible, shaking hands, we’ll be on several talk shows, doing several interviews, ” candidate David Woods said.

Reed and Woods say they have been working around the clock, talking with residents about their visions for the city.

“We wanna make sure that we have an honest, fair, and transparent election. This is our constitutional right to vote and we just need to make sure our votes are counted,” Woods said.

“We kinda hit the reset button and, so you kinda start back over and you try to make sure that you’re knocking on doors, and you’re going to community events and you’re talking to voters wherever they may be,” Reed said.

From crime to public education, both candidates say there are many problems that need to be addressed. They’re encouraging residents to get out and vote for the candidate they believe will be best for the city.

“Every vote counts, every vote matters, and this is an election that is very important for our city,” Woods said.

“We wanna see more opportunities for everyone to be able to live, learn and earn. We really think it’s important that we have a safe community,” Reed said.

As the countdown continues, both candidates say they will continue working until the final results are in.

“I think Montgomery has been very well served by business leaders in the past, I believe Montgomery wants another business leader going forward because they trust a business leader” Woods said.

“We want to set the temperature here in the city and, we want to set the bar very high in terms of what we can achieve for all of our citizens so we can create better opportunity across the board,” Reed said.

Polls will open from 7 am until 7 pm on Tuesday, October 8th. We will have live coverage throughout the day, so make Alabama News Network your election headquarters.

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