David Woods Campaign Files Petition for Temporary Restraining Order Against Montgomery Election Center

Monday afternoon, the David Woods for Mayor campaign filed a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. They are seeking an injunction against the decision to ban the public and campaign poll watchers from accessing the Montgomery Election Center during Tuesday’s municipal runoff election.

The Montgomery Election Center is the clearinghouse for all Federal, State, and Local elections held in Montgomery County. The election center is under the jurisdiction of Probate Judge Steven Reed, who is also on the ballot. Vote tabulations, complaint responses, and administration of the election process occur in the Montgomery Election Center on election day.

“This is a deeply concerning decision for anyone who values open, free, and fair elections, particularly following numerous reported failures in the recent August 27 mayoral election,” Wells Robinson, a Woods Campaign attorney said. “Any effort to deny normal access to observe the election process, in violation of election laws and the standard practices of the Election Center, erodes public trust in this fundamental civic activity and should not be accepted. The public is owed more transparency, not less.”

“Closing the Elections Center to the public and poll watchers leaves us with no choice but to appeal to the Circuit Court to ensure tomorrow’s election is transparently administered,” Robinson said.

Woods and Reed are vying for the office of Mayor of Montgomery. The runoff election is Tuesday, October 8.

Complaint for Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction

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