LEAD Academy Names New Principal, After Firing Former Leader

Montgomery’s first and only charter school, LEAD Academy’s board voted to hire Ibrahim Lee as the charter school’s new principal after weeks of back and forth between the former principal,  Nicole Ivey- Price, and the school.

The vote was unanimous in support of the former Montgomery principal, educator, and current member of the Alabama Public Charter School Commission,  at a board meeting Monday morning.

LEAD Academy board chair Charlotte Meadows  told Alabama News Network that Ivey-Price was “no longer employed” at the school as of Friday, September 28th.

Ivey-Price said she was instead asked to resign (but says she did not) , after meeting with State Department of Education officials in regards to the charter not being in compliance with state laws.  LEAD officials are disputing her claims.

The board then met at a specially called meeting October 2nd to officially terminate the principle. The Alabama Association Association has stepped in on Ivey-Price’s behalf.

After their vote Monday, LEAD Academy board members said they were confident in passing the torch to Ibrahim Lee, especially because of his background knowledge of charter schools.

“He was an elementary and middle school principal in Montgomery, a teacher before that” said board member Ryan Cantrell  “he’s been serving on the charter school commission for quite a while so he is very familiar with charter schools and how they operate and so were excited”.

Lee was selected out of  27 applicants. As promised by LEAD officials, the 9-day hiring process  moved very quickly.  In fact board members said Monday morning  that Lee was still in the process of submitting his resignation as a current member of the Alabama Public Charter School Commission.

For that reason, board members said they could not give an exact start date for the new principal, but said  he will be on campus to greet and meet with students and parents  “soon”.







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