Judge Charles Price Weighs in on Historic Mayoral Race

Judge Charles price, has spent the majority of his accomplished career in Montgomery. He has seen it all, heard it all, and remained successful through it all.

When asked about what the election of Montgomery’s first African-American Mayor means for the city, he says “we’re comin to grips with dealing with the racial divide that has existed.”

Judge Price was a Circuit Judge in Montgomery County for 33 years before his retirement in 2015.

He has witnessed first hand the transformation in Montgomery.

“It’s just amaxing how peoples attitudes have changed towards equality and inclusion in Montgomery,” says Price.

“It took years, it didn’t happen overnight.”

Tuesday’s historic election can serve as a testament to those like Judge Price, who helped pave the way to make it possible.

“It’s a good day, a good sign that Montgomery is, as i said, the new frontier for opportunities.”

Price is the current Chairman of the Alabama Ethics Commission, and Sr. Advisor to Mayor Todd Strange.

He will continue those duties with the Reed administration.

Steven Reed will be sworn into office on November 12th.

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