Mayor Todd Strange Ready to Help in Reed’s Transition

Current Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange now only has a few weeks left in office before Mayor-elect Steven Reed takes over as the city’s top official. We caught up with the outgoing mayor Wednesday morning to talk about Reed’s victory.

Strange says he is confident in Reed’s ability to lead the Capitol City because of previous leadership opportunities in other important roles– like most recently serving as Montgomery’s probate judge.

Strange says Reed will bring some things to the table that he didn’t bring. Reed will begin attending meetings with city officials over the next few days, as he prepares to take office next month. Strange says he will be there to help the mayor-elect make as smooth a transition as possible into the position.

Strange also was asked about the historical significance- Reed becoming the first African-American mayor elected to the top office in Montgomery. Strange says that victory can now be a symbol for other regions of the state and country.

“Right now, its really exciting and it’s Steven Reed, it’s history-making and things like that. What he’ll learn pretty soon is it becomes not about the person, but about the office. It’s the authority of the office. It’s a symbol of the seat of power of the city. This is an important city. And he said it last night- it’s an important city of the state because we’re the Capitol. It’s an important city for this region. And it’s an important city in the national arena.”

Strange was elected as Mayor in 2009 through a special election. He says there are still some announcements to make and things to do before his term is over. Reed will be sworn into office on November 12th.

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