U.S Environmental Protection Agency Proposing New Rule to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water

Drinking water is a necessity and staff with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency is working to make sure every drop is safe for children.

“It is an important rule that protects our drinking water, particularly for children and our most vulnerable citizens,” said Mary Walker, an EPA Region 4 Administrator.

For decades a lead and copper rule has been in place. However, Mary Walker with EPA says there have been no major updates since 1991.

“Broadly we have done an excellent job in this country when it comes to addressing lead and drinking water. We’ve significantly reduced led levels in children from when I was a child,” said Walker.

Walker says there are many areas that are still at risk.

“This proposal will help target those areas and have better information so that we can make sure we make investments to reduce lead for our most vulnerable citizens,” said Walker.

If finalized, water systems would be required to do a number of tasks, including strengthen drinking water treatment, replace lead service lines and increase drinking water sampling reliability.

“Many of them go to older neighborhoods, older homes, that have older pipes, and they may be exposed to lead there,” said State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey.

State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey says that many schools already participate in a voluntary test program.



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