A “More Than Tours” Perspective

Michelle Browder is the owner and operator of More Than Tours.

The company specializes in historic tours of Montgomery.

Tours focus on the history of Montgomery from its founding up to present day.

“When people leave Montgomery, i want them to see it differently”

Browder says that many people that visit Montgomery, have assumptions about the south that are not true.

“They come here, and they expect to see the Alabama of 1965.” says Browder.

She says there has been much growth in the city, but there is still a portion of the pupulation that resist change and “want’s to keep things the way they were.”

Montgomery is transitioning into a new age, with the election of it’s first black Mayor. That accomplishment took 200 years to achieve.

“With this new mayor, im hoping that we will take this moment and use it as a stepping stone to create a more beloved community, like Dr. King said,” says Browder.

Michelle’s hope for for people taking the tours is that they see Montgomery, as a progressive city in the New South, “hopefully they will come here, take the tours, learn about what we are doing today, and help us move forward.”

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