New Non-Profit Focusing On State Gaming Revenue

A new non-profit group has been launched to focus on gaming revenue in Alabama. It’s called Poarch Creek Accountability Now. The Executive Director is former state senator Gerald Dial, who says the organization’s mission is to convince the Poarch Creek Casino Operation to pay taxes on the money it makes: “Our organization is concerned with the growing influence in our state at the Poarch Creek Casino Operation,” Dial said.

The non-profit is trying to raise awareness to Alabama residents that casinos owned by Poarch Creek indians, like the Wind Creek branch, are not paying state taxes.
According to the group, the Poarch Creeks should pay more than $23 million dollars.

“It’s time they invest in Alabama, in our schools, in our roads, in our children, and our future,” Dial said.

But the reason these casinos do not pay state taxes is because the Indians are protected by federal law. There have been many attempts in the past to convince the operation to pay taxes, but so far none of them have succeeded. Dial says he’s hoping this attempt will have a different outcome.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says there are ways the non-profit could succeed: “If you get enough momentum, there can be ways you can extract revenue from them in the form of quasi taxes, so there can be something done,” Flowers said.

We reached out to poarch creek officials for comment, and so far, we have not heard back. “Poarch Creek Accountability Now” has not released who is responsible for its funding due to its “501 C-4” status.

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