Envison Montgomery 2040 Reveals Comprehensive Plan Draft

It was 1963, more than five decades ago the last time Montgomery had a Comprehensive Plan.

Since then times have changed, the city has evolved, and Montgomery has outgrown the old comprehensive plan.

A comprehensive plan is blueprint for community growth and development. It includes topics such as housing, transportation, and economics.

This plan represents a 15 month effort in collecting data on Montgomery and feedback from more than 1000 residents.

Wednesday night, an open house was held to see how input has helped shape the first draft of the Comprehensive Plan 2040.

Once finalized, this document will guide decision making in Montgomery for years to come.

The public was invited to the open house to review the comprehensive plan draft, and provide feedback on plan vision, goals, and recommendations.

Each attendee voted for their “top ten” action recommendation by placing stickers on presentation boards.

There were more than 100 unique proposals. The presentation boards will now travel to each of the 9 Districts in Montgomery and continue to collect feedback.

For more information on Envision Montgomery 2040, click this link.

To see a copy of the 1963 Montgomery Comprehensive Plan, click here.

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