Preparations Underway at Selma University to Host Regional Job Fair

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Regional Job Fair Thursday — at Selma University — is an effort to connect people who need jobs — with companies that need workers.

“Our job fair initiative focuses on the areas that still have pretty high unemployment rates,” said Kelly Betts with the Alabama Department of Labor.

“Our state has really low unemployment right now but certain parts of the state needs some extra help and that’s why we’re here in this area.”

About forty employers will be on hand at the job fair — with more than a thousand jobs available for people — who are looking for work.

To make the most of the opportunity — job officials say — its important for job hunters — to put their best foot forward. Clifford Hunter is the manager at the Selma Career Center.

“This is about connecting you, the job seeker, with employers, in hopes of landing that great opportunity that’s waiting for you.”

Hunter said job seekers should come to the job fair — dressed for success. And they should sell themselves — when talking to potential employers. He also said job seekers should bring an up to date resume to the job fair.

“To show their skills, their abilities. Why they should be looked at for employment opportunities.”

But Hunter said the most important things job seekers can bring to the job fair — are enthusiasm — and a winning attitude.

“Come in excited about this opportunity — because this day may be your day to land that job that you been searching for, been waiting for.”

The job fair is Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Jemison-Owens Auditorium-Gymnasium at Selma University.


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