Montgomery Church Women’s Ministry Honors ASU Band Director Dr. Oliver

Every year, a Montgomery women’s ministry holds its special Harvest Sunday Celebration. The Women’s Fellowship of First Congregational Christian Church in downtown Montgomery hosts the special service, which includes special songs and special guests.

“It’s a matter of pausing to give thanks for the bountiful blessings that has been bestowed upon us,” Program Chairman Velora Ford said.

Every year, the ministry honors someone who makes a difference in the community by making the lives around him or her a little brighter- by giving out its “Daring to Make a Difference” Award.

“This year, we tried to choose someone from Alabama State University who had made a difference. And that person is the Band Director, Dr. Oliver,” Ford said.

The 2019 award winner was unable to attend, so the award was accepted by ASU President Dr. Quinton Ross.

“Just recognizing him for his work and his dedication to the students, his musical contributions, and exposing our youth to things otherwise they may not be exposed to, so we’re just excited that hes the recipient of this award,” Ross said.

Ross was also the guest speaker for the celebration. He said he wanted to spread a message of love and hope.

“This message is just about making sure that, as a community, that we sow good seeds. And that you’re out there helping our community in any way that we can, whether it be our young people or it be in the political arena, whether it just be in our homes,” Ross said.

Money raised from the harvest celebration goes to non-profits in the River Region.

“Last year, our money went to Booker T. Washington Magnet High School because it had burned. This year, our money is going to Alabama State University,” Ford said.

Band director Oliver could not be at Sunday’s ceremony because he was in Atlanta for a do-not-miss event!
He was with the Mighty Marching Hornets as they performed at the Atlanta Falcon’s NFL game halftime show.

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