Selma-Dallas Co. Chamber Honors Nine Women and Their Work

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Information is honoring a group of women for their impact on the community.

The chamber is hosting their first annual — ‘Celebration of Women Shaping Our Community’ — at the Arts Revive Carneal Building — Tuesday evening.

Executive Director Sheryl Smedley said the event celebrates the power of individuals to spark change and improve their communities by showcasing the inspirational stories and outstanding achievements of women throughout the county.

“This is a unique event cause for many years now no one has taken the initiative to recognize our women that have been making a difference,” said Smedley.

Smedley said the goal of the event is to acknowledge the accomplishments — and honor the contributions — that women make in the community.

She said some of the categories for the awards include — business — education — the arts — finance — and community service.

“We’re going to be recognizing nine extraordinary women in our community that had been shaping the community, making a difference,” said Smedley.

“2020 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the 19th amendment. So, We decided to get, to kick it off here, this year.”

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