Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Ruling In Favor of Selma City Council

The Alabama Supreme Court affirmed a lower court’s ruling against Selma’s mayor.

Source: City of Selma

The state’s highest court agreed with the Dallas County Circuit Court that the city council has the power to appoint certain positions.

In September 2018, the Selma City Council adopted an ordinance that gave council the power to appoint the city’s tax collector, police chief, and fire chief.

Selma Mayor Darrio Melton vetoed the ordinance shortly after it was passed, but the council later overrode the mayor’s veto, making it part of the city’s municipal code.

Mayor Melton then sued the city council in October saying the ordinance violated a state code that says the mayor “shall have the power to appoint all officers whose appointment is not provided by law.”

Melton’s claim was later dismissed in court. Melton then appealed the decision to the Alabama Supreme Court.

The creation of the ordinance stemmed from the removal of City Treasurer Renita Wade. Wade was removed from the job by the mayor, but reinstated by the city council three times.

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