Local Mother Raising Awareness for Teal Pumpkin Project

Halloween is just a few days away, which means your kids will probably be out in costume collecting candies and treats. But one local mother is raising awareness that her child, like so many others, has food allergies and can’t have certain candies.

Ashley King Mobley says she found out her daughter, five-year-old Avery, had severe food allergies after an allergic reaction to peanut butter toast. Since some Halloween candies contain peanuts, soy and other related ingredients- some of which people are highly allergic to- she is encouraging people to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

A Teal Pumpkin means you’re handing out non-food related treats on Halloween night.
To participate, a teal pumpkin is put out in front of your home or business- letting trick-or-treaters know that you’re giving out non-food items, like bouncy balls, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and other toys.

You can still give chocolate and candies out- but Mobley says to make sure those treats are in a separate bowl. She says participating in the project is a more inclusive and safe way for all kids to have fun on Halloween.

‘We just want to encourage people to put out a teal pumpkin. You can paint one, you can get one for one dollar at Walmart. Just set it out and help your neighborhood. There are kids, even if it’s not your child or your grandchild, there is a child out there with allergies. And it’s not expensive. We never spend more than $10. We fill up our entire bucket,” Mobley said.

Mobley says that she hopes the Teal Pumpkin Project becomes normal and that it will become common for people to give out non-peanut containing candies, in addition to toys, so that parents don’t doesn’t have to worry about their kids receiving candies that could be fatal.

For more information on how you can participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project, click here.

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