Central AL Crimestoppers Expands to Selma-Dallas Co. Area

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

There’s a new phone number to call for people in the Selma-Dallas County area — who want to help take a bite out of crime.

Central Alabama Crimestoppers has expanded its coverage area to include Dallas County.

“We’re branching out where we noticed that we had to invite in a lot of agencies because criminals, they don’t have borders but sometimes police departments, jurisdictions, they do,” said Executive Director Tony Garrett.

Now Selma and Dallas County residents can call (334) 2-1-5 STOP — if they have information about a crime.

Sheriff Mike Granthum says the move will improve the response time — during some investigations.

“Their line is monitored 24-7. When I say monitored. I mean a human voice will actually answer the phone. It’s not a recording like we have,” said Granthum.

“So, we’re actually able to respond in real time. A lot of times when the tip comes in, we’re actually waiting til the next morning to actually act on that tip.”

Garrett says Central Alabama Crimestoppers now offers its services in nine counties.

He says people can call in a tip about any crime — no matter how long ago it happened.

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