Dangerous Road in Dallas County Replaced

A ribbon cutting was held this morning for a county road in Dallas County that was in desperate need of repairs.

According to county commissioners, County Road 205 in Marion Junction became extremely dangerous due to decay and erosion. The road hindered first responders and other services from making it to area homes.

“I had to pick many of the children up to take them to school because one, the school bus would not come down here,” explained County Commissioner, Curtis Williams.

Residents say the road was so extreme that it had warning signs reading “enter at your own risk”.

“It broke my heart because when you see ‘enter at your own risk’, you’re scared to go home,” said Williams.

Cali Walker is a resident that has lived in the area for nearly 65 years and had to use the road on a regular basis. She said all she could do was pray for safety.

“I prayed every day. Lord help me out. Lord bring us back in safe because it was unsafe for us to come in and out on this road,” said Walker.

Officials say the new road cost between $30,000 and $40,000 and was a joint effort of support from all county commissioners.

“It’s not about a district. It’s about the needs of the people and this is commissioner William’s district. We’ve all pitched in to help him get the support he needs and the financial support he needs to get this road fixed,” said County Commissioner Larry C. Nickles.

“When there is a need, one commissioner has a need in their district, we all work together. That’s what we do in the county. We work together and support one another,” said County Commissioner Valerie Reubin

On Wednesday, a ribbon cutting was held to officially unveil and celebrate the new road with residents and workers.

“I am so glad that you all got this road fixed so we can travel safely. I think all of my people who are today, we have been praying for this road to come open,” said Walker.

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