What the Tech? App of the Day: Price Pulse

Even though Thanksgiving is still three weeks away, Black Friday sales have already launched in some stores.

If you haven’t checked the app stores yet you’ll find dozens of “Black Friday” shopping apps aiming to save you money with sales papers and coupons.

One app that’s a bit different claims it will help you save money provided you do your shopping at Amazon. Price Pulse Black Friday 2019 Tracker helps you compare prices at Amazon.

If you shop at Amazon very often you know prices change every few days.

If you can afford to be a little patient with your orders you can actually save a lot of money and that’s the thinking behind the Price Pulse app.

Log into your Amazon account using the Black Friday app and you can import your wish lists for tracking. Price Pulse will show your items and their current prices along how that price compares historically.

My daughter has a pair of jogging pants on her wish list that are currently $29.99. Price Pulse showed me those same pants were $25 on December 13th of last year and that was the lowest price ever. Since the price shown today is only “average”, it might be worth waiting a few weeks if you want to save $5.

To make things even easier the app allows you to set a target price on any item.

If you only wanted to spend $22 on those pants Price Pulse would send a notification if it hits that price.

This app is similar to a favorite shopping app called Amazon Alert that was popular last year.

I heard from quite a few folks who told me they ended up saving money shopping at Amazon through that app. Sadly it doesn’t look like that app has been updated since last December.

So if you do most of your shopping at Amazon I’d suggest taking a look at this app as well as using online desktop tools such as Honey and CamelCamelCamel to compare and track prices.

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