What the Tech? What Apple Does with Your Private Information

Apple is making a marketing push by touting its privacy policy and practices.

You may have seen commercials in recent weeks that does not advertise new phones, watches, computers or earbuds but appears to sell privacy as one of Apple’s most important products.

Apple is making this push while other big tech companies make news headlines for not protecting our data and information.

Facebook, Google and Amazon gather data on users while using apps, products and services. Those companies share our data with other companies.

Google, for example, uses our location data and website searches to sell advertisements that appear on our computers and phones while we surf the web.

Facebook shares our data with companies wanting to send specific advertisements to our timeline.

Amazon’s Alexa devices are always listening to us and based on what we ask her and what we search for, will direct products our way.

Apple’s business is different. It sells devices and software but does not sell data it can collect from our phones to third-party companies. Highlighting the difference in strategy is smart marketing.

In conjunction with the advertisements, Apple redesigned its Privacy pages at www.Apple.com/privacy .

In case you’ve never read the information when it pops up on your screen when downloading new software, the new website is a welcome update.

Apple explains that its Safari browser prevents advertisers from following users from one website to another. It explains that Apple maps might require your location but it does not associate your data with your Apple ID and doesn’t keep a history of where you’ve been.

The new website explains how it protects your photos from being shared or looked at by other people, and how Siri isn’t associated with your Apple ID but with a random identifier that protects your privacy.

It’s a good read, even for non-techie people.

Of course, none of this protects your information from getting leaked by apps you’ve given permission to see and share your data.

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