AG Commissioner Speaks at Farm City Week Breakfast in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Folks in Selma are celebrating Farm City Week. The annual Button Hole Breakfast was held Thursday morning at the Central Alabama Farmer’s Co-op as part of the festivities.

Farm-City week is a chance to educate people about the importance of farming.

Organizers say the week highlights the contributions farmers make to society. They say it also showcases how rural families depend on their city neighbors.

State Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate was the guest speaker at the breakfast.

“We’re just increasing the awareness to make sure young people and urban folks still realize there’s a farmer and a family behind that tomato that they eat, or that steak they eat, actually where it comes from, and its not just Winn-Dixie,” said Pate.

The event was sponsored by the Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Information.

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