General Crowell Won’t Serve as Montgomery County Probate Judge

Governor Kay Ivey announced this morning that Brigadier General Ed Crowell won’t serve as Montgomery County’s next probate judge.

According to the governor’s office, General Crowell is unqualified to serve due to the age required under the state’s constitution.

“I regret he will not be able to assume this post.  General Crowell has one of the most impressive resumes that includes many years in service to our country which should be commended.  I appreciate his willingness to serve and know that he will continue to be an active leader in his community,” said Governor Ivey.

General Crowell said while he does not meet the requirements, it was an honor to be selected for the position.

“Regretfully, there was some confusion on my part about the state’s mandatory age requirement regarding judicial positions.  As such, I have notified the Governor that she should choose someone who fulfills the requirements outlined in Alabama’s constitution.  I apologize to the Governor for the confusion and regret the distraction this has caused and will look forward to serving my state in some other way if asked to do so,” General Crowell said.

The governor selected General Crowell Wednesday to fill the seat vacated by now Mayor Steven Reed as the county’s next probate judge.

Governor Ivey will now work to find a new replacement to fill the open seat.

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