Effort Underway in Selma to Use Sports to Help Reduce Crime

From the West Alabama newsroom—

There’s an effort is underway in Selma to use sports — as a way to help stop the violence in the city.

Goals have gone up — and lines are going down — at a new outdoor basketball court in Selma.

Selma attorney and activist Faya Rose Toure said North Star Beloved Community Organization is the group behind the new court.

But she said the project is about much more than just shooting hoops.

“This is a crime fighter. This is just one small way to deal with the violence,” said Toure.

Toure said the project is an effort to try and use sports to help reduce crime in the community.

The new court located in the parking lot of the old Ellwood Church location near GWC Homes.

“GWC has been targeted as community of violence and crime. Good people are living here. Historically this was the place where the movement lived. These young people just need something to do,” said Toure.

Toure said the group is planning to use an outdoor sports league program — to reach out to area youth.

“A program that not only deals with sports but with skills. Manhood training. Conflict resolution. In order to be a part of the organized games you’ve got to learn conflict resolution, you got to promise to go and get your GED and to continue on to get skills so this community can shine again.”

Toure said the group also has plans to install a tennis court — and for a second basketball court — designed for smaller kids.

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