Attorneys Make Opening Statements, Witnesses Called to Stand in Day 2 of Murder Trial for MPD Officer

Montgomery police officer Aaron Cody Smith is charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Greg Gunn. Gunn was an unarmed black man that was fatally shot by Smith back in 2016.

Day two of the trial started with both defense attorneys and prosecutors making opening statements. Both the state and the defense broke down the order of events with two very different perspectives. 

Defense attorney, Mickey McDermott, worked to show the jury how the situation escalated from Smith’s perspective. He said that the officer followed procedures throughout the entire situation. Witnesses on the scene described Smith as being visibly upset and said it looked as if he was hyperventilating.

The state described Smith as being a “bully with a badge”. They say Smith stopped Gunn in the early morning hours and immediately started barking orders. The state argues that Gunn did not fight, pull out a gun or even try to harm Smith. He simply ran.

The state has called eight witnesses to testify so far. Those include 2 MPD officers that arrived on scene after the incident, the doctor who performed the autopsy report, and an expert on tasers who works with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Friends and family supporters gathered outside the courthouse earlier Tuesday to pray and walk around the square in Downtown Ozark with signs that read “Justice for Greg Gunn.”

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