Day 2 of Murder Trial for Police Officer Charged with Murder of Montgomery Resident Begins with Opening Statements

The state made the first move with opening statements for nearly an hour breaking down the order of events that happened on February 25, 2016.

The state argued that Greg Gunn did not fight, he did not have a gun, and he did not harm Officer Aaron Cody Smith. He simply ran.

The State describes Smith to the jury as a ‘bully with a badge’. They also touched on his inconsistencies in interviews with SBI agents.

The state ended their open statement saying, “The defendant chased him, tased Gunn and beat him. That is not called self defense. That is called murder.”

Defense attorney Mickey McDermott opened by standing in front of the jury with Officer Smith saying,“This is a 3rd shift Montgomery police officer and a third generation police officer.” McDermott said Smith was on routine patrol and was in that neighborhood because his supervisor had told him to patrol that area due to burglaries and to look for people walking the streets in dark clothing.

He also said that you will see this police officer followed procedures throughout the entire situation.

Both sides have started to call on witnesses.

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