What the Tech? App of the Day: Minnow

Every night the family decides to watch something on Netflix it’s the same routine.

Someone with the clicker spends 30 minutes or more browsing through the titles.

Then we switch over to Amazon Prime Video. It’s going to get worse too now that we’ve subscribed to Disney+, Hulu and Apple TV+.

My favorite app to help in this area is Just Watch, but a new app in stores now called “Minnow” offers something else. Playlists.

To use Minnow just select all of the platforms you subscribe to, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu. Those are a few that are offered now, the company will be adding others it says.

Once you’re logged in you can browse playlists. Minnow has curated playlists and others by Minnow users. Playlists of New York movies, disaster movies, Halloween films.

Once you open those playlists you’ll only see the titles available through your platform subscriptions. Minnow also organizes movies by genre or ‘mood’.

Feel like watching a romantic movie? There’s a playlist filtered by “Best Kisses”. Other playlists include courtroom dramas and action films.

Minnow is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

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