Reactions from Gregory Gunn’s Neighborhood on Guilty Verdict for Former MPD Officer Aaron Smith

On Friday, a Dale County jury found  former MPD officer Aaron Cody Smith guilty on a manslaughter charge in the 2016 shooting death of Gregory Gunn.

We went to the Mobile Heights community where Gunn lived and the shooting took place to get reaction from residents on the news of the guilty verdict.

Residents were reluctant to speak on camera, but one common theme between most people we talked to was that the Gunn family can finally have closure after more than three years.

Some felt the jury would lean towards the lesser of the charges when they heard the judge sentenced the jury: “I knew they weren’t going to charge him with murder. The lesser charge was manslaughter and I knew that’s what they would charge him with.” One resident who choose to remain anonymous said.

Others said this verdict should be a lesson to police officers: “He needs some strict sentencing, and this needs to send a message to officers across this town and state.” Jamel Brown, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood, said.

Brown continued, “Officers just need to follow the book and do their jobs by the book.”

Other residents said they felt like Smith was probably afraid because he was in a predominately black neighborhood.

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