Fired LEAD Academy Principal added Back to Payroll; On Administrative Leave

LEAD Academy board chair Charlotte Meadows  has confirmed to Alabama News Network that Dr. Nicole Ivey- Price has been added back to the payroll and put on administrative leave after a board meeting took place Sunday night.

Meadows says Dr. Ivey will be on administrative leave until the board advises  a plan and finds an appropriate position for her.

Dr. Price was originally fired as principal of LEAD Academy in October. Board members say Dr. Ivey was terminated for a number of issues.

Dr. Ivey later sued Montgomery’s first charter school. She says the school tries to discourage special needs students’ enrollment in order to boost revenue and academic achievement.

Ivey says the school’s founder, Charlotte Meadows, has suggested the charter doesn’t have to obey nondiscrimination laws. The suit claims there’s an effort to encourage special needs students’ withdrawal.



On Thursday Judge Jimmy Pool granted a temporary restraining order in favor of Dr. Nicole Ivey-Price. The restraining order requires Ivey-Price to be added back to payroll.

Ivey-Price claims that she was illegally terminated by LEAD Academy, and the school did not take steps to issue her COBRA benefits for continuing health insurance, or unemployment benefits.

The case has been referred to mediation before the next trial date.

Ivey-Price’s attorney says she is prepared to return to work in a capacity that reflects her education and experience. LEAD Academy also has the option to place her in paid administrative leave.

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