Suspected Aniah Blanchard Kidnapper Faces Two Counts of Capital Murder

Ibraheem Yazeed is now charged with two counts of Capital Murder.

One is for murder committed in a car through the use of a deadly weapon while the victim is in a vehicle, and the other is for murder during a kidnapping in the first degree.

A Lee County Judge also heard a case involving lifting the gag order that was issued in the case. Attorneys for the state argued that the gag order has not prevented the media from gathering information about the case.

Attorneys representing the Alabama Broadcasters Association, and other media outlets argued that the gag order may be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

Judge Russell K. Bush adjourned court without making a ruling on the gag order. We do not know the timeline of when the ruling will be handed down.

Yazeed is suspected of kidnapping and murdering 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard. Blanchard was kidnapped from the Chevron gas station on College Street in Auburn. The kidnapping was on October 23.

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