What the Tech? App Can Help Feed the Hungry

People tend to look for ways to help others during the holidays.

Many volunteer in soup kitchens and homeless shelters, feeding people who need immediate financial assistance.

There are millions of people who would like to help but who cannot find the time in their busy schedules to serve in that capacity.

An app in both app stores will give those folks an opportunity to make a big difference with just a tap on their smartphones.

“Share the Meal” is a crowdsourcing project from the United Nations World Food Program that aims to feed people in need from around the world, 50-cents at a time.

I’ve talked about this app before because it is proving to make a difference in the world. “Share the Meal” is a free app that allows you to see areas in the world with the biggest needs.

Right now, according to the app, efforts are needed in Yemen where 20 million people do not know where their next meal will come from. According to the Food Program, Yemen is currently the largest hunger crisis.

Using the app, you can quickly make a donation to efforts there or choose to help children affected by natural disasters in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, or share meals with school children in Madagascar.

The app challenges us all to, as we sit down for a meal, share one with someone in need.

According to the app, 50-cents can provide a meal to a needy person. Using the app you can quickly make a donation for a week’s worth of meals, paying through Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal or a credit or debit card.

This year people using the app have shared over 11 million meals with people in need and over the course of the life of the app, 1.6 million users have shared over 48 million meals. Still, the need is great.

“Share the Meal” has won multiple “Best of” awards and has a solid 4.8-star rating in the app stores.

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