What the Tech? App of the Day: Gift List

Have you made your Christmas gift list yet? Have you picked out everything?

How about wrapping? And did you go over your budget (if you had one)?. A couple of apps might help with all of those things.

Gift List is an app for iPhones and Android devices. They’re not the same but they do have the same name and they’re both free.

Both apps let you put everyone on your list in the app. With the Android version you add the names manually. The iPhone version will let you choose people from your contact list, if you give it permission to access your contacts.

The apps allow you to set a budget for each person and list what you plan to get them.

Set your total budget ahead of time and Gift List helps make sure you stay on track. The Android version of the app also connects to your Amazon account (again, if you allow it) and show you items that are on your list.

For example, I am getting my wife some perfume. When I tap the item on the list the app takes me to the perfume section of Amazon.

Both the iPhone and Android apps are free.

I don’t see much of a benefit from either of these apps over, say Flipp or Retail Me Not, except it is branded as Christmas and if you’re sharing your list with children they’re both a little more fun.

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