What the Tech? Smart Smartphone Shopping

Consumers shattered the record for smartphone shopping on Black Friday and the same is expected throughout the holidays.

According to a survey from Adobe, $2.8 billion dollars was exchanged on smartphones and it’s expected the total for the 2019 holidays will be close to $10 billion.

Shopping on a smartphone is so easy and you can do it anywhere.

This year consumers are expected to spend billions of dollars by tapping ‘buy now’ on their phones. And some will lose a
lot of money by making simple mistakes.

Too many people shop on public wifi, putting their credit card or bank information at risk of being stolen. It’s safer shopping on your phone’s network than public wifi.

Disconnect from WiFi. It’s unsecured, meaning there might be dozens of other people on it, and if one person knows what
they’re doing, they can access your phone.

Shopping anywhere it’s best to use a VPN or virtual private network. Especially if you’re using an Android device. They’re most susceptible to being hacked than iOS devices.

Search the Google Play Store for VPN’s. Read the reviews. Lookout and Nord VPN are two of the most respected. There is a monthly or annual subscription required.

If you insist on shopping on a public WiFi network, make sure it’s the correct one. You’ll probably see open networks with the name of a provider or something else.

Don’t connect to those. If you’re searching for free WiFi, check out Facebook’s find WiFi feature in settings under the “more” tab. It’ll show the name of the establishment’s official network. Ask someone who works there for the password.

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