Self-Defense and Safety Tips Against Human Trafficking and Kidnapping


According to studies, if you are female and coming out of a store or walking in a parking lot then you are more likely to become a target by a stranger.

That’s why this time of year especially, it is important to be aware. But experts say you should be prepared for anything at anytime of the year.

“People and predators are always scoping and trying to find new people, new kids or new women to attack,” said Demarcus Weems, organizer of WECARE Human Trafficking Self-Defense Class and Seminar for Women and Children.

There are dozens of missing persons in Alabama. With each face carries a name, a family, and a story.

“It’s very important in our city and our state and in our nation for people to be aware of the things that are going on because so many people, so many young kids and women are coming up missing,” said Weems.

Weems who also has several years of law enforcement experience has some valuable advice.

“Number one, know your surroundings at all times. Number two, be aware that everywhere you go, that you partner up. If you can’t partner up, then let somebody know where you are going to be,” said Weems.

Some may say the greatest form of self defense is common sense, but it never hurts to take that extra step and invest in self-defense courses.

DeMarcus Weems is the organizer of WECARE Human Trafficking Self-Defense Class and Seminar for Women and Children. The goal is to raise awareness and educate children and communities about human trafficking while taking a stand against violence.

“It’s a classroom course involved with the first half of it then the second half is going to be hands-on techniques of how to escape from human trafficking or anybody that is trying to attack you. It’s a self-defense course so it’s going to be pretty neat,” said Weems.

The seminar will be on Dec. 14 from 8 a.m. to noon. The course is free and will be held at the McIntyre Community Center.


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If you would like to sign up for this event then contact DeMarcus Weems at 334-313-4124.

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