Wallace Community College Selma Announces New Apprenticeship Program

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A new apprenticeship program at Wallace Community College Selma — is helping regional industry — meet it’s workforce needs.

WCCS officials say the new employer-driven program is designed to provide companies with qualified workers — and equip students with the skills needed for today’s workforce.

Program participants take classes at the college — geared towards a certain industry — while doing paid on the job training at the company.

“Right now the two programs that are involved with it Electrical Technology and Industrial Maintenance,” said WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell.

“Companies who have a need — who want to be involved in this — all they have to do is contact us.”

Wilcox County copper tubing manufacturer — GD Copper — is the college’s first apprenticeship program partner.

“This is a very good avenue for us to recruit some young students and train them to be our maintenance technician in the electrical area and the industrial maintenance area,” K.C. Pang.

“And hopefully they can stay with us. That’s what our main goal is.”

For more information about the program — call WCCS Director of Workforce Development — Dr. Glenn King, Jr. at (334) 876-9420.

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