Christmas Tree Business Booming in Alabama Despite Shortages in other Parts of the U.S.

(Source: Alabama News Network)

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, North Carolina and Oregon which are two major tree-producing states, have fewer trees to offer this year than in years past. However, there’s no need to panic: Despite reports of shortages in other parts of the country, there are still plenty of trees to go around in Alabama.

The Wadsworth Farm in Elmore County began planting trees in 1976 and currently has around 7,500 trees planted. According to owner Frank Wadsworth, Alabama’s drought did not have a huge impact on the trees and business has been booming.

“Black Friday, which we call Green Friday out here anyways, it was a zoo. We sold a lot of trees and had a great weekend last weekend. We expect to have another good weekend this weekend,” said Wadsworth.

The farm has several types of trees including the Leyland Cypress, Arizona Cypress, Eastern Redcedar, Virgina Pine and Fraser Fir.

“It seems to be a shortage of pre-cut trees that we get out of Michigan. I think it’s the supply and demand. More and more people are using the real tree this year which is great for business,” said Wadsworth.

National news outlets report the Christmas tree shortage is due to a lingering effect of the Great Recession. According to the National Christmas Tree Association’s  website, the Great Recession drove down consumer demand for trees, resulting in farmers planting fewer trees during the era. The association says this year, the cost of real trees are up about 10% nationally.

On the Wadsworth Farm, tree prices vary due to height. CLICK HERE  for more information and to visit the Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm website.

The Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until this year’s supplies runs out.
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