That’s My Child Celebrates 7 Years of Serving the Youth of Montgomery

A who’s who in Montgomery attended the 7th anniversary of That’s My Child on Monday night.

That’s My Child’s misssion is to empower and employ the youth of Montgomery to become productive citizens, and leaders of tomorrow.

The organization offers after school programs that cover a variety of arts for youth age 9-19. They also offer job training, resume writing, and mentorship programs.

Equal Justice Initiative Executive Director Bryan Stevenson was the keynote speaker at the event. The organization also collected a $20,000 check in the form of a donation, to help with future endevors.

“We have communities throughout this city that need more engagement. People who need more of our support,need more of our attention, need more of our resources, need more leadership and i’m so proud that that’s what’s happening in this place,” says Stevenson.

That’s My Child founder Charles Lee also celebrated the release of his new book titled “The Boy With No Name.” It is the story of how he overcame the challenges of his childhood to become the person he is today.




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