Montgomery Recording Artist Inks Deal with Universal Music Group

On December 4th, Datony Anderson, know to his fans as “Hitmaker D-Aye” made an announcement via Instagram that he had signed a deal with Universal Music Group.

Universal Music Group is one of the biggest record labels in the country.

For D-Aye it was a dream come true. The 24 year old is one of only a few Montgomery artist to ever sign a major record deal.

“It sent chills through my body,” says D-Aye of the day the deal was final. “It’s big, it’s huge. I’ve got a lot of people depending on me and its big for me, because ever since I was young, this is what i wanted.”

In 2017, Hitmaker D-Aye was named Alabama’s Best Male Artist at the Alabama Music Awards.

Hitmaker D-Aye will record three full length albums, and an EP with Universal Music Group.

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