Two Organizations Team Up to Feed Hundreds This Christmas

Two organizations are doing their parts to help hundreds of hungry families in the river region this holiday season.

When we think of Christmas, many of us think of spending time with family… usually over a Christmas dinner, exchanging presents and looking back on the year: Counting our blessings. But for hundreds of families here locally, that’s not a reality. Take a look at how two organizations are teaming up to make this Christmas a little merrier for loved ones in the River Region.

“If you can save a penny to give away more pennies, then you’re doing a good deed,” Wanda Walls, a food recipient, told Alabama News Network. “This will help a whole lot of people in my family.”

Starting at 9 Thursday morning, hundreds of people lined up to get holiday meal essentials. Winn Dixie and the Montgomery Area Food Bank stepped up, taking big burdens off families: Many who were wondering if they would even have a family meal come December 25th: “I thought maybe it would have been a few people, but it was a lot of people today,” Walls said.

Wanda Walls from Wetumpka– just one of the many people to get bags full of Christmas sides including green beans, stuffing, yams potatoes… you name it!

“Our mission is to make sure families have everything they need to feed their families for the holidays,” Alishia Lindsey with Winn Dixie said. “That’s our mission with Winn Dixie. We are community involved.”

…Tis the season of giving… but not just from the event organizers. Miss Walls said even waiting in line was a sight to see: “I saw people who needed help. I saw people who’s car wouldn’t start. Other people got out of their car to help them. I saw a lot of stuff that went on. It’s the time of the season for love and smiles and giving.”

Event organizers planned to serve 250 families with twenty thousand pounds of food, but an hour and a half in, they had already reached that goal. Five hundred families in the River Region will now have full bellies this Christmas, with the help from volunteers like Roberta Mao and her three sons: “They’re helping so many people out here,” Mao said. “I think this is the biggest thing they’ve actually helped participate in and see and done. As a good, you usually hear about it. You are usually behind the scenes. You don’t usually get to see what you’ve done.”

Kurene Mao/ Volunteer:
“Even though you’re one person, you can help a lot with the community,” Kurene Mao said. “I can help the world”