Toys From Our Magical Christmas Toy Vault Now Have Homes Under Christmas Trees for Hundreds of Families

For six years now, we’ve partnered with the Salvation Army to collect toys for families in need through our Magical Christmas Toy Drive. Last week, we packed up all of the toys from our toy vault, and sent them over to Salvation Army’s headquarters.

Wednesday, those toys now got a new home.. under the Christmas trees of hundreds of families in the River Region.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through this warehouse… Salvation Army volunteers were stirring to help spread a little Christmas cheer, but with more than just toys: “We’re helping about one thousand children,” Lt. Tanya Farrington with the Salvation Army explained. “Some of those families are seniors, and so we’re able to provide senior food boxes for them as well,”

“The food is potatoes and canned goods and celery and corn and then on the way out, we get a whole chicken,” R.J. Hawthorne, a Salvation Army volunteer said. Alabama News Network’s Jalea Brooks asked,”…so everything you need for Christmas dinner?” “Absolutely,” Hawthorne replied.

The next stop: the stockings. “Somebody’s got a teddy bear,” one volunteer told us. Not hanging on a chimney yet, but still packed with care.

Bikes, games, even clothes all packed into bags, boxes and carts, and eventually the car, for boys and girls on Santa’s nice list! “My daughter loves paw patrol and PJ Mask items, so that for her and clothes and shoes,” Priscilla Irvine, a parent, told us.

It’s a big job for the dozens of volunteers that made it all happen: “Oh by 4:00 we are going to be so tired… running back and forth for parents,”John Cannady, a Salvation Army volunteer said.

But to hear these words from those on the receiving end: “I just want to tell them thank you because there are a lot of parents out here that’s not able to provide for their kids for Christmas. This is awesome,” a parent who received gifts for her child said.

“This is a blessing that they are able to help folks. This is a good thing,” Maurice Heard, parent, explained.

As one volunteer puts it, makes the hustle and bustle:”…well worth it… heck yeah. Giving it back, well worth it,” Cannady said.

We want to give a big thank you once again to all of you who helped us by donating to Alabama News network’s Magical Christmas Toy Drive this year. Your donations helped assist more than 500 families.