Mayor Steven Reed on Goals, Plans for 2020

As Montgomery closes out what has been a historic 2019, Mayor Steven Reed is looking towards 2020 and the opportunities he believes it holds for the city.

Reed has been working on his transition team which will focus on numerous issues including education and crime.  Reed says a major issue facing Montgomery Public Schools is the lack of funding.  He hopes to get MPS’ funding to match school systems in Birmingham and Huntsville.  As for crime, Mayor Reed says right now they have to work to rebuild the trust between police and the community.

“I think the trust factor depends on what your experience has been with police, and quite honestly not everyone has had a positive experience, whether it be here in Montgomery or anywhere else in this country,” explained Reed.

Reed says he’s already having conversations with Director of Public Safety Ron Sams and Police Chief Ernest Finley about revamping some programs like community policing.

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