Selma Police Urge Residents to Stay Alert During the Holidays

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Police in Selma are urging people — to stay alert during the holiday season — and their beefing up patrols to try and keep them safe.

Interim Selma Police Chief Capt. Johnny King — is urging residents to stay alert during the holiday season.

“We’re asking just be safe because criminals don’t stop for the holidays,” said King.

King said criminals out on the prowl during the holidays and they want to turn you — into their next victim.

He said shopping with a buddy — parking in well-lit areas when shopping after dark — and putting valuables in the trunk when shopping — are ways people can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

“We know it’s a festive season and everybody wants to have a joyous time but don’t let your guards down, be on the lookout,” said King.

Police are also warning people to be extremely careful — when using ATM machines.

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