2020 Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg Visits Capital City

2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg made a campaign stop Monday, joining Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed and healthcare professionals to discuss maternal mortality rates.

A 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control says 41 women in the Alabama died from pregnancy or child birth complications in 2017.
Medical experts in Alabama and lawmakers in other states say they want changes made to help decrease that number

“I’ve struggled with maternal health issues myself and had a near death experience, because my health wasn’t taken seriously,” Tennessee state representative London Lamar said Monday.

She was one of several women who participated in a round-table discussion with Bloomberg to talk about one of the big challenges medical experts face- maternal mortality rates.

“Too many people, especially too many black women do not access to quality health care that they deserve,” Lamar said.

“Today, I’m releasing my plan to protect the health of women and infants,” candidate Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg’s plan for improving healthcare for African American women includes funding Planned Parenthood and repealing the Hyde Amendment.
He says he also wants to provide a public insurance option, free of charge to low income women in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid.

“This is something that is totally preventable, and shame on us for not providing the care that pregnant women need. It’s a very vulnerable time in their lives,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg was joined by Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed.
Reed said he was excited to talk with Bloomberg about similar experiences mayors face and about the things Bloomberg did while New York City mayor.

“I think its important that all presidential candidates understand what happened, what transpired in this great city. But also, the new narrative that we hope to write- to become part of the new south; to welcome outside investment; and to look at the future as opposed to stay anchored in the past,” Reed said.

When asked if today’s joint meeting was an endorsement of Bloomberg for the presidency, Reed had this to say:

“No, not at this time. What we’re talking about, and he has not asked me for my endorsement, what we’ve been talking about is the city as a whole, this race and what it means to our democracies for our future,” Reed said.

The Republican National Committee spoke about Bloomberg’s visit to Montgomery.
The group released this statement: “Bloomberg was not good for New York, and certainly will not look out for the best interests of the Yellowhammer State.”

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