Tide and Tiger Fans React to Bowl Games

Both Alabama and Auburn fans were glued to the TV Wednesday, as their teams competed in their bowl games.

Auburn dropped the Outback Bowl to the Minnesota Gophers, while Alabama cruzed late in the game against Michigan to secure a Citrus Bowl win.

We went over to Walk-On’s Bistreaux here in Montgomery, to get reaction from fans as they watched their teams 2019-2020 season come to an end.

Tide fans, of course happy with the outcome, but Auburn fans have some unanswered questions going in to the offseason.

Suraz Eastes was leaving late in the 4th quarter of the Outback Bowl when we spoke with him. “I’m not feeling so good about the game right now, we couldn’t move the ball that good in the second half, so i’m not feeling good, looks like we’re gonna lose.”

Meanwhile Alabama fans were celebrating as the Tide pulled away from Michigan late in the game to secure a convincing Citrus Bowl win.

“First half I was a little nervous, defense didn’t look what i would expect, but they played a lot better in the second half which I was happy about, and im looking forward to next season.” Said Will Longshore, Alabama fan and brother of Sports Analyst John Longshore.

The Auburn Tigers finish the season with a 9-4 record, while the Alabama Crimson Tide will go into the offseason with an 11-2 record.

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