Father and Son Jump an Elmore County Bridge Trying to Evade Law Enforcement

A father and son in Elmore County are in trouble after authorities said they jumped off of a bridge while running from officers.

We’re told it happened early Sunday morning in front of the Russel Plant on Highway 14.

Sheriff Bill Franklin said the two men took off following a traffic stop… then jumped off Callow Creek Bridge. The father is in hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The son, 23-year-old Robert Swindle is in the Elmore County jail on multiple charges.

Franklin said both swallowed an undetermined amount of meth. Residue was found in the vehicle, which also had a stolen tag: “It was about 71 degrees that day,” Sheriff Franklin told Alabama News Network. “I’m sure the older fellow felt like he probably hit a pane of glass when he fell down to the shoreline there. That’s a pretty good drop. People have said anywhere from 40 to 55 feet.”

Sheriff Franklin said the father will face similar charges after he recovers from his injuries