What the Tech? App of the Day: Sweat

If you’re making any new year’s resolutions for 2020 you’re more than likely resolving to eat better, exercise more or lose weight.

Each year those three resolutions are at the top of the list of most common promises we make to ourselves (along with saving more money).

It isn’t easy though is it? We need guidance and motivation and time. That’s where mobile apps can come in handy.

You can get a workout scrolling through the app stores just looking at all the workout and fitness apps. Hundreds with workout plans, goals and diet trackers. One of the most popular, at least for women, is called SWEAT.

It isn’t just an app offering workout routines, it has video programs hosted by female personal trainers. Workouts are about 28 minutes and do not require a lot of exercise equipment.

There are gym-based workouts though including some focused on weight-training.

The app tracks your weekly progress and you can share photos from your workouts with other users of the app for motivation.\

SWEAT claims to have the largest fitness community of women in the world.

There are fitness plans, programs and workouts for women looking to lose weight, get a bikini body by spring, and a program specifically for new moms post-pregnancy.

Eating plans are included with menus and recipes, along with educational content. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices. It’s free to download, but like most every other app, requires a subscription.

But it does have a 1 month trial to see how you like it. Just make sure if you don’t want to pay $119 for an entire year to cancel the trial before it ends.

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