Montgomery Police Release Results of Efforts to Control Celebratory Gunfire

The city of Montgomery and Montgomery police have just released the results of their crackdown on celebratory gunfire. This was of particular concern over the New Year’s holiday.

Their new patrol detail is called “Blue Light Special”.  Eleven selected areas were manned with two officers whose sole focus was to investigate illegal gunfire and fireworks.

Montgomery Police Chief Earnest Finley says they saw a dramatic change in numbers from last year. For 2018, they received 72 shot-fired calls and this year 39. That is down 46 percent.

“I attribute that not only to the officers per the eleven districts, but the community. I mean, the community really called so we saw an increase in about 37 percent in the number of calls,” said Finley.

Overall, there were more calls for service.

In 2018 there were 600, this year there were 823. That number includes firework calls and shot spotter calls. MPD said 173 of those calls were for shots fired.

This year, there were nine reports of damage to property compared to 11 to last year.

MPD says no arrests were made and no injuries reported in Montgomery this year from celebratory gunfire.

Illegal gunfire in the city of Montgomery is a misdemeanor that could result in jail time or a fine.

Finley says overall, he is pleased with the numbers but there is more work to be done.

“I look forward to that opportunity to tweak our plan, to make it better, but also work with city council and the mayor as far as technology to help us out so we can have more technology in some of these communities that need it,” said Finley.


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