Selma’s new police chief officially takes reign of the department

Friday was the first full day on the job for Selma’s new police chief, Kenta Fulford. He officially took the reigns of the police department after a swearing in ceremony Thursday: “Just excited and ready to go to work.” Fulford said.

The new top cop was appointed police chief by the Selma City Council last month. Retired Selma Police Lt. Michael Harris said he’s confident that Fulford is the right man for the job: “Absolutely! You know, he’s a local guy… worked his way up through the ranks within the police department. He knows what this community needs. He’s been here, he has lived it, so now he’s in place to be able to do something about some of the things wrong in our community.”

Fulford expaineed recruiting and retaining officers and community policing are top priorities: “We’re going to get out, and we’re going to continue the Neighborhood Watch program. We’re going to go into all of the neighborhoods and talk to the citizens to see if they are interested in becoming a part of the Neighborhood Watch so they can help curtail some of the crime that we have going on here in Selma.”

Fulford brings 17 years of law enforcement experience to the job, as well as 23 years of military service.