What the Tech? Sneak Peek at the Consumer Electronics Show

Call it CES Day 0. The expo floor doesn’t open until Tuesday but leading up to those big 4 days in the Las Vegas Convention Center are a couple of my favorite events of the past 8 years.

CES Unveiled kicks things off every year with a show where over 100 companies can unveil or show off what they’ve got for the new year.

In years past, I’ve seen enough virtual-reality devices to arm a small country and Bluetooth speakers of all shapes and sizes. What was getting the attention this year at CES Unveiled?

Wayzn is a connected sliding glass door opener that dogs can operate. Wayzn, (as in giving your dog a ways in to the house) fits in the bottom rails of a sliding glass door and opens and closes the door with an arm that pushes and pulls. The gadget connects to an app on your smartphone which allows you to control when it is opened and shut.

But household pets can open the door themselves with motion detection. If they need to go outside, you can set the Wayzn to engage when the pet walks by a camera.

The Air Selfie isn’t new to CES but the lines have been so long in recent years it’s been tough to get a closer look. I did this year and it’s pretty cool. The Air Selfie is a palm-sized drone equipped with a camera. Once it is connected to your smartphone, you can control it to fly away from you and take a photo.

My favorite tech so far is called SpotOn, it’s a virtual pet fence that replaces the need for in-ground fences that are difficult to maintain.

SpotOn uses GPS to create a geo-fence around your home. Just take the dog collar around the perimeter of your yard and it creates a space where the pet can run free. If they approach the invisible fence, they’ll get a static shock.

I’ve installed a couple of those in-ground invisible fences in the past and if you’ve done it, you know it’s no walk in the park. If the underground wire gets clipped or comes disconnected, good luck finding that one spot.

SpotOn can be used to create the fence and you can adapt or move it as often as you want. If you travel with your pet or take them on camping trips, SpotOn can save up to 10 locations.

It seems a bit pricey at $1,500 but then again I haven’t priced an underground invisible fence in several years.

The show floor opens Tuesday morning but there’s another media-only event Monday night with over 200 companies showing off their new products. I’ll be posting videos and photos of Monday night’s event on my What the Tech Facebook page.

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