What the Tech? Sleep Tech at Consumer Electronics Show

You wouldn’t think you could come to Las Vegas to learn how to get a better night’s sleep.

But this is CES and the fastest growing area of the 5,000 or so companies unveiling products is the area of sleep tech.

It’s a big area within the Sands Convention Center’s Digital Health Marketplace.

Urgonight is unique because it trains you how to sleep, when you’re awake. By wearing a piece that fits on your head with tiny sensor about 20 minutes a day, it is supposed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

“It trains your brain to produce the waves that are responsible for protecting your sleep during the night” said Urgonight’s CEO Guirec Le Louis.

Sleep apnia is a dangerous condition that is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Diagnosing it requires visits to sleep doctors, neurologists and an uncomfortable night in a sleep lab. Beddr is a home sleep test approved by the FDA. Rather than a bunch of wires, Beddr is a sensor that sticks to your forehead while you sleep.

“We’re measuring your oxygen, de-saturation, heart rate body position and stop breathing events, and correlating those to determine risk,” said Ed Pienkosk who was sporting a Beddr device and checking his recent stats on an iPhone.

It isn’t just us, but pet health is a big thing this year. Whistle tracks your dog’s steps and activity, including how much they’re scratching.

“It enables an owner to know if they’re dog is scratching more, which mesh be a sign of allergies or dermatitus,” says Collette Burton.

The sensor is part of a collar the dog wears all the time.

And Phonak is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids that do not look like hearing aids. “Nobody knows, walking down the street that that’s a hearing aid,” explained audiologist Dr. Nicole Klutz. “They just see it as something everybody is wearing, you may be listening to music you may be on a phone call they have no idea.”

These things don’t just target baby boomers but Gen X’ers, people who grew up in the 80s listening to loud rock and roll. That generation is now beginning to experience hearing loss and other health problems including a lack of sleep.

There are thousands of gadgets here at CES of course and I plan to visit the Smart Home area of the show floor to find out what’s new with home security cameras, doorbells, thermostats and protecting all of those things from cyber snoopers.

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